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digital stories

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Fall 2015 - ENG 210W: Shakespeare's Globe, Instructor McKenna Rose

"The Formalities of Flattery in Richard II." Students presented on their close readings of Shakespeare's Richard II and a theme of their choice. I chose to analyze the role of formal language and flattery among the characters of Richard II. First, students were to give an orally presented version in class with timed slides. Then we were required to record a video version to upload to our course websites.



FAll 2014 - EDS 314: Education & Cultural Diversity, Dr. Morgan Faison

"Illegal Dreams." Students were required to choose a social justice topic related to education that is personal to them. I recounted my experiences as an immigrant American student to discuss the DREAMers movement and the bigger question of whether education is a civil or human right.



SPR 2014 - EDS 201: American Education, Dr. Joseph Cadray

"In Between States." Students were to recount a personal experience with an issue or characteristic of American education in the form of a digital story. I talked about my experiences moving from Georgia public schooling to Indiana public schooling, and how this relates to the wider issues in education when it is left to the states. Transcription



FALL 2012 - JRNL 260: News Literacy in a Digital Age, Lecturer and Journalist-in-Residence Sissel Mccarthy

"Truth & Verification" at Coan Middle School. As a service-learning project, students in this course were split into groups of four to create lesson plans about a news literacy concept. My group chose "Truth & Verification," which we presented to journalism students at Coan Middle School in Atlanta. We were then required to create a digital story of our experience and subsequent reflections.