document design

document design


University of Connecticut

Fall 2018 - ENGL 5100: Theory & Teaching of Writing


Multimodal Capstone Project

Canva. All original photography and written copy. “Architecture Magazine” template by Jay Alexander Santos of Canva. Published with Issuu.

As a capstone project for the Theory & Teaching of Writing course with Dr. Brenda Brueggemann, graduate instructors were asked to create a multimodal “highlight reel” for their first semester teaching in the First-Year Writing program. I imagined a magazine, which I believe creatively reworked all the required components of the project (a cover letter, teaching/pedagogy highlights, syllabus revision, etc.). While the template was a preexisting, free template on Canva, I reworked much of the formatting and color schema while keeping the type and font families. All of the photography and illustrations are my original work, as is my written copy.


Emory University

Spr 2015 - ENG 363W: Document Design, Dr. Dave Fisher


Text design project

Adobe InDesign. 

A print publication simulation assignment. Students were required to format an essay they wrote as if they were the design editor of a scholarly journal. We were also required to include a corresponding style guide


Long List Assignment

Adobe InDesign.

Students were asked to create an appealing visual rendering of a long list pertaining to current events.


Data Visualization/infographic

Hand illustration: pen, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Google Sheets.

Students were required to organize and then visualize data of their choice into graphs using Google Sheets. The graphs were to be included in an infographic.



Fall 2014 - ENG 205W: Poetry, Dr. Bellee Jones-Pierce


Student-designed final project

Hand illustration: marker and pen, Microsoft Publisher, published with Issuu. The final project for this course was to be designed by the students for themselves. I created an excerpt of an illustrated elementary-level textbook on poetic forms.