*The haikus here are selected from ones I originally share via Instagram story.




Today, I was the lucky winner of a Free Art Friday Indy art drop! I'd been following participating local artists on Instagram since I moved back to Indy a year ago and was determined to find an art drop ever since. I was so excited to finally make it to one in time to grab it. They're usually placed around inner-city Indy where the artists are primarily located, but I live in the suburbs. The driving time lowered my chances (and confidence) of snagging one before it was claimed. 

But it happened today! A total "right place, right time" kinda situation. The drop site was so close to the cafe I was working at with my friend, with whom I had attended Creative Mornings. If we hadn't decided to (1) wake up early for CM and then (2) try out this new cafe I'd wanted to check out in the area which turned out to be the most amazing place but closed at (3) 3 pm which was around the time I took a break and saw the post go up and (4) saw that it was 5 minutes from where we were so I (5) sped over there and picked it up! 

I am diggin' the "Bust-a-Fern" (artist is on Instagram as @indy_droids). And alongside this succulent plant a friend gifted me from The Sill in NYC, the color combo is kickin'.

"Diggin'," "kickin'" ... what can I say -- it was a good day.

Ainee Jeong